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Car Rental Warsaw Chopin Airport

The car rental Odkryj-Auto in Warsaw gives customers the opportunity to pick up the car in three locations:
Chopin Airport - Okęcie where the car rental office is located a few hundred meters from the airport terminal, but of course, both when collecting the vehicle and when returning it, we provide transport from and to the airport without any additional fees, and the branch serves its customers 24h / 7 customers, handling both night arrivals and morning returns.
Warsaw - Central Railway Station that is the place where we deliver the car when choosing the location "Warsaw" is an offer addressed to customers reaching the capital by public transport other than by air or it is simply a more convenient option for them than the airport. For comfortable customers, the car is put in the most probably the best marked parking lot at the Central Station, which is the Emilia Plater parking lot.
Delivery to an address in Warsaw - this is a new option introduced in the pandemic era for customers who, for various reasons, cannot pick up the vehicle in any of the above-mentioned points - we deliver the car within the metropolitan area of Warsaw. Like the previous options, this service is offered 24h / 7 days a week.
In addition, we would like to inform you that for customers landing at the Modlin airport near Warsaw, we also provide a car to the terminal without any surcharges, where we have our office, open, of course, 24/7 days a week.

Of course, we know that the situation of renting a car for those who use these services for the first time can be a stressful situation, which is why we have allowed ourselves to prepare an overview of the most frequently asked questions by customers, to which we answer below:

I come to Warsaw by public transport - is it possible to rent a car at the Central Station in Warsaw?
Of course, there is no problem with it - just make a reservation on our website in advance, selecting the location "Warsaw", and we will deliver the car to the Emilii Plater parking lot at the time specified in the reservation.

I care about time, is it possible to rent a car with delivery to an address in Warsaw?
We understand how important their precious time is for everyone, therefore we have introduced a car delivery service in Warsaw - only make a reservation with a substitution option, and in the comments, enter the address where we want to deliver the car. We carry out the collection and return of the vehicle at the address, as well as rentals at the airport, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

My arrival to Warsaw will be late, is it possible to rent a car at night in Warsaw?
Yes, car rental at the Warsaw airport. F. Chopin and other rental offices Odkryj-Auto serve customers around the clock if there is a reservation - if you need to pick up the car in the middle of the night, select only the expected time when booking, and we will wait for you.

Are there any additional charges for a delayed flight?
Absolutely not! We are also unable to understand why other rental companies charge some draconian surcharges for the later pick-up of the car - after all, the cost of airline delays cannot be passed on to the customer.
To facilitate our work, please enter only the number of the flight you will fly with when booking - this will allow us to monitor possible delays in the plane on an ongoing basis.

Returning the car in the morning - Warsaw Chopin / Okęcie, how is it done?
Customers dropping off their car in the morning drive up to the rental office at ul. Gordon Bennett 12, and we already provide transport to the terminal - so you will avoid the stress of heavy traffic under the terminal.

I am going to turn 21 soon, is it possible to rent a car for a young driver and are there any surcharges for this?
According to the rental conditions, the Lessee must be at least 20 years old and have had a driving license for one year - we do not charge any additional fees for age.

When is an international driving license required to rent a car?
Under the Vienna Convention signed in 1968, regulating general road traffic rules, customers arriving from, inter alia, USA, Canada, Australia or Japan are required to have international driving license .
This document must be obtained at the office that issued the driving license.

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