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Vehicle rental conditions

Terms and Conditions

General rental conditions
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Rentee: a private person or a company specified in the lease agreement, which by its signature declares
that it accepts the following terms of the lease and personal responsibility for the vehicle entrusted to it for
use under the terms and conditions specified in the contract.
Vehicle: the car which is the subject of the lease indicated in the agreement.
Parties to the agreement: lessor and tenant
Driver: the person mentioned in the agreement by the lessee authorized to use the vehicle for the duration
of the agreement.
I. General informations
1. Each Rentee declares that they are over 20 years old
2. The Rentee is obligated to present two documents: driving license accepted in Poland and ID card
or a passport.
3. The rented vehicle must not be used:
a) for the commercial transport of persons,or goods,
b) for starting or towing other vehicles, trailers or other objects,
c) in races, rallies or sports competitions,
d) if the Rentee or any other driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol,
hallucinogenic drugs, narcotics or other substances impairing his/her consciousness and
ability to react,
4. third person who is not part of an agreement cannot use a car without a permission of Odkryj Auto
5. An additional driver may also be added during the rental period after prior consent of the rental
company. Permission to drive the car by a person not mentioned in the contract can be obtained by
sending a scan of the identity document and driving license to the following address:
6. The agreement clearly specifies the type and brand of the vehicle and the exact cost that the
Rentee will have to pay for the rental.
7. The rental period is strictly specified in the agreement, and extending the rental by 1 hour will result
in a fee being charged in accordance with point 12.
8. Odkryj Auto reserves the right to immediately collect the Vehicle at the expense of the Rentee in
the event of using the Vehicle contrary to the contract or delay in payment, without returning the
9. The Rentee receives the vehicle with full fuel and is obliged to return the vehicle with a full tank of
fuel, refueling at the nearest petrol station from the vehicle return point. Otherwise, the Rentee
bears the costs of the missing fuel and the additional fee for the refueling service mentioned in the
additional fees.
10. In the absence of contact by the Rentee within 12 hours from the date and time of the end of the
rental and failure to return the vehicle, the lessor has the right to treat this as an appropriation and
report the matter to the Police. The fee for starting the misappropriation notification procedure is
specified in additional fees.
11. The rental period may be extended only with the consent of the car rental company after prior
contact by the Rentee by e-mail or telephone, at least 24 hours before the expiry of the rental
period provided for in the agreement, provided that the Rentee makes advance payment for the
additional rental period.
12. If the vehicle is not returned within the period specified in the agreement or within the period
agreed in accordance with the provisions of point 11 above, the Rentee is obliged to pay the Lessor
remuneration for the non-contractual use of the Vehicle in the amount of PLN 1,000. for each
started day and bears full financial responsibility in the event of damage and breakdown of the
13. The Rentee is absolutely obliged to comply with the road traffic regulations in force in a given
country. Ignorance of the regulations does not exempt the tenant from civil and criminal liability.
14. The Rentee receives the vehicle in working order, in a condition enabling its proper operation and
undertakes to use it with due care and return it in the same condition.
15. The costs of purchasing windscreen washer fluid, replacing light bulbs, repairing tires and other
consumables are borne entirely by the Rentee.
16. The Rentee receives a clean vehicle. Upon return, the Lessee is obliged to return the vehicle clean
inside and out.
17. The Rentee or the driver is obligated to:
a) Securing the vehicle against theft (locking the vehicle each time and switching on all
anti-theft devices; careful protection of documents and keys outside the vehicle),
b) Performing the daily maintenance of the vehicle at your own expense, in particular for
checking and refilling engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, washer fluid, checking the condition
of the tires, correct tire pressure, operation of lights,
c) Use of the type of fuel in the vehicles in accordance with the engine specification, given in
the registration certificate.
18. Smoking and drinking alcohol are strictly forbidden in the vehicle.
19. In the case of returning a dirty vehicle, the cleanliness of which does not allow for a thorough
inspection, fees for any damage may be collected from the Rentee after the vehicle has been
washed by the Lessor.
20. The Lessor reserves the right to disclose the data of the Rentee or the Driver to authorized bodies
(eg Police, Municipal Police, GITD).
21. In the case of a long-term contract, additional terms and payment schedule are included in the
appendix to the contract.
22. The Rentee agrees to place a GPS locator in the vehicle.
II. Driving the Vehicle outside the Republic of Poland
1. .Departure with the vehicle outside the territory of the Republic of Poland requires the prior consent
of the Lessor in the agreement and (if necessary) additional insurance, the cost of which is entirely
borne by the Rentee. Travel to endangered or war zones and to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey,
Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Moldova is prohibited.
2. The lessor provides additional equipment in accordance with Polish regulations. In the event of
going abroad, the Rentee is obliged to retrofit the vehicle in accordance with the regulations in
force in a given country.
3. The permit to travel abroad is divided into three zones:
1. Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania
2. France, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Switzerland
3. Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark.
III. Fees
1. The Rentee is obliged to settle all fees related to the rental of the vehicle before the rental with a
payment card issued in the Rentees name and surname - Visa or Mastercard. A credit card is
required for Class D, E, Premium, VAN and BUS vehicles.
2. At the time of rental, the employee collects the fee for the rental of the vehicle and pre-authorizes
the amount of the returnable deposit as security for the rental.
3. Pre-authorization of the deposit amount is unblocked on the customers account within 7-14 days,
depending on the internal regulations of the owner of the payment card (BANK).
4. In the case of shortening the lease period resulting from the contract, the funds are not refundable.
5. In the event of cancellation of a booking paid on-line less than 7 days from the date of rental, a fee
of PLN 150 will be charged for the cancellation of the booking, and the rest of the funds will be
returned to the account within 7 to 14 working days. In the event of cancellation of the reservation
less than 24 hours before the collection of the vehicle, the funds paid are not refundable.
6. The Rentee agrees to charge the payment card in the event of the Rentees breach of the Lease
7. The return of the deposit does not mean that the Lessor waives his claims against the Rentee.
8. If the car rental period is extended with the Lessors consent, the rate is calculated on the basis of
the arithmetic average of the fee under the agreement.
9. The Lessor has the right to charge a booking fee of 10% of the booking value for the Minivan, BUS
and Premium classes or 30% of the booking value for the Campervan class. The booking fee is
non-returnable in the event of cancellation of the booking due to the fault of the Lessee.
10. In the case of cancellation by the customer, the reimbursement of funds for the rental is made up
to 90 days from the date of notification.
IV. Insurance
1. The Lessor declares that the vehicle has third party liability and accident insurance valid on the
territory of the Republic of Poland and the countries to which the travel restrictions specified in this
Rental Agreement do not apply.
2. According to the third party liability insurance policy, insurance is granted only to those people who
use the vehicle with the consent of the Lessor.
V. Breakdown, Repair of Vehicle
1. In the event of immobilization of the rented vehicle, the Lessor will, if possible, provide the Rentee
with a replacement Vehicle, maximum of segment B, for the repair period. For a waiting period
longer than 24 hours for a replacement vehicle, the Lessee shall not pay the rent for the Vehicle.
2. The replacement vehicle not entitled in the case of:
a) loss of the registration certificate and / or the insurance policy and / or the Vehicle keys
b) damage to the vehicle due to the fault of the Rentee ,or a person not entitled to drive the
c) immobilization of the rented vehicle outside the territory of Poland,
VI. Deductible for damage or theft
Collision Damage Waiver, i.e. limitation of liability due to collision damage (CDW), Theft Protection,
i.e. limitation of liability due to theft (TP)
By accepting the CDW and / or TP, the Rentee accepts the obligation to pay an additional fee in
accordance with the applicable rate on the date of signing the Lease Agreement. Otherwise, in the
event of damage, loss or theft of the Vehicle or its parts or equipment, the Lessee shall assume
responsibility in accordance with its own share in the damage specified in the contract. CDW and
TP do not exclude the lessees liability in the event of gross negligence or willful breach of the
Terms, legal regulations or insurance conditions. Damage to tires, windows, and the interior of the
Vehicle (damage to the Vehicles equipment, destruction or staining of the upholstery and damage
caused by cigarette butts), also missing elements and equipment of the Vehicle, such as e.g. (radio
antenna, hubcaps, fire extinguisher, spare wheel, etc.) are not subject to limitations. Liability of the
Vehicle Lessee. If the Lessee receives a replacement car, it is not subject to waiver of the
deductible and the Lessee bears full financial responsibility for its damage.
VII. Accidents, damage, theft
1. In the event of an accident (related to or without damage to the Vehicle), theft or damage to the
vehicle in any other way, the Rentee or other person driving the vehicle is obliged to call the Police
to the scene, and the Rentee should request the Police to issue a prepared report.
2. Any accident, damage, loss or theft of the vehicle must be immediately reported to the Lessor by
e-mail ( or by phone (+48 660 505 474). In any case, the Rentee cannot
accept claims of third parties.
3. The Lessor is obliged to assist the Rentee and / or his insurance companies in all claims or court
cases in connection with an accident or damage, in particular by:
a) delivery of a completed and confirmed form of accident or collision report
b) providing full details of participants and witnesses of the accident and a
detailed description of the event
c) not leaving the vehicle unattended or unsecured
d) in a situation where an accident or damage was caused by a third party -
taking all necessary steps to identify the perpetrator and securing evidence
that may contribute to the determination of the perpetrators liability
4. In the event of the Rentees breach of any of the above-mentioned provisions, the Rentee bears full
financial responsibility for the damage caused to the Lessor or a third party, even in the event of
acceptance of CDW and / or TP and payment of a fee on this account.
VIII. Rentees responsibility
The Lessor is not responsible for the items transported, lost, left in the vehicle or for any fees
(fines) charged to the Rentee in connection with the use of the vehicle during the rental period. The
Lessor is not liable to third parties for any claims for damages resulting from damage caused by
the wRentee or the person driving the vehicle during the rental period.
IX. Additional fees
1. The Rentee is fully liable for damages to the rented Vehicle in the event of:
a) willful act or as a result of gross negligence,
b) damage to the interior of the vehicle, tires, rims, wipers, aerials, leaving
permanent stains
c) driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other
intoxicants, and without a valid driving license,
d) failure to return the registration certificate or keys after the theft of the
e) escape from the scene of the accident,
f) going abroad without the consent of the Lessor, and all costs related to
its bringing back in the event of damage or failure.
g) refusal to pay compensation by the insurer due to the fault of the Rentee,
h) lack of a detailed description of the circumstances of the damage or
failure to provide the required documents
2. Each day the vehicle is parked in connection with the above-mentioned activities - PLN 100.
3. Providing a car to an unauthorized person - PLN 300.
4. Key lost - PLN 700.
5. Loss of the registration certificate - PLN 500
6. No registration plate, registration sticker on the windscreen(for each) - 200 PLN.
7. Smoking in the vehicle - PLN 300.
8. Transporting animals, hair removal - PLN 300.
9. Dirty vehicle return - PLN 50.
10. Return of the vehicle with stains on the seats, upholstery, in the trunk - PLN 300.
11. Returning the Vehicle with a noticeable unpleasant odor - PLN 400.
12. Missing or damaged each original hubcap - PLN 100.
13. Refueling the vehicle with the wrong fuel - PLN 1500.
14. Dismantling a part of the Vehicle or making modifications without the Lessors consent - PLN 2500
+ cost of replenishing the missing part in the authorized cars service. - PLN 2000.
15. Each time the speed exceeds 180 km / h - PLN 100.
16. Missing element from the list of standard equipment (for each) - PLN 100.
17. Damage or failure to return each of the selected elements of additional equipment (GPS, car seat,
chains, rails and roof box) is obliged to cover the total cost of the missing equipment.
18. Administration fee for starting the vehicle misappropriation procedure - PLN 1000.
19. Vehicle refueling service PLN 50. + fuel cost.
20. In the case of departure or attempt to leave Poland without consent - PLN 1000.
21. Provision of written information at the request of law enforcement agencies and / or
administration authorities about the vehicle user who committed an offense and / or crime - PLN
22. Administrative fee for the costs of paying for the fine or the fee resulting from the use of the car by
the customer - PLN 123 + the current fine or fees.
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