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The rental office is located on the access road to the airport, just 3 minutes from the terminal entrance. After landing, customers are transported to the office by a company vehicle, and the same applies to returns where customers are transported to the terminal free of charge.
This location of the office saves clients the stress of looking for a place under the terminal during the departure period and does not incur the costs of airport charges.
Thanks to the reduction of formalities to a minimum, just 10 minutes after landing at the airport in the heart of Warmia, we can enjoy the journey with a new vehicle, prepared for each rental. We provide our customers with vehicles of all classes - from the smallest "A" class cars, which is an ideal solution for those in need of a car for traversing urban sections, to larger, even 7 and 9 passenger vans, which give fun in group driving.

Olsztyn is a city located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and its location is one of the biggest attractions that attract a huge number of tourists every year, so what is this area hiding? First of all, the greatest treasure for both tourists and residents is the proximity to nature, beautiful forests and lakes. The city itself is located on the Łyna River, which in the summer is a true paradise for all those who love kayaking. the picturesque route is three kilometers long, with the beginning of the Olszyński Castle, and the finish line at the backwaters, where two rivers join, namely the Łyna and the Wadąg.
Going back to historical times, we will learn that the first mention of Olsztyn dates back to 1334. The current name of the town initially sounded completely different. The Germans used the name Allenstein, which literally translated means a stone on the Łyna River. Later, the Poles changed it to Holstin. the first letter, the "H", was practically inaudible. Hence, over the years, from Holstin, the name of the place became Olsztyn, and this is still the case today.
Olsztyn has a fairly rich history: wars with the Teutonic Order took place here, and in 1521 the Olsztyn castle was defended. Apart from the fact of effective defense, the most important information is that the whole activities were managed by no one else, but Nicolaus Copernicus himself. the astronomer not only made observations of the sky in Olsztyn, but also became famous for developing a monetary reform ... It would be possible to describe for a long time various historical events that were written on the pages of this city, but we will only refer to those that have remained a trace. There are many places in Olsztyn that, although they are already old, still arouse admiration and are an interesting place to visit, on the one hand due to the history associated with a given place, and on the other because of the visual layer, which, despite the passage of time, is still big impression.

In the Land of Great Lakes
For many people, Warmia and Masuria is the beauty of nature and the lake. It must be admitted that this part of Poland is exceptionally charming and is as eagerly chosen holiday destination as the Baltic Sea. no one will be bored, because we will find a lot of attractions for both children and adults, but the fun can be brought not only by the stay in Warmia, but also by the preparations for the trip. Forget about everyday matters and start a blissful rest. Some prefer passive, while others prefer active. But each requires proper preparation. At least if we want the holiday lab or weekend getaway to be one of the exceptional and unforgettable ones, to which we will be happy to recall memories for a long time ... So what is the key to success? A good plan, of course, it is best if we involve the whole family and together create our own map of places to go to. Searching for attractions and then putting them on the calendar is great fun for children, and adults allow you to have control over what is going to happen.
Regardless of which place in Masuria you choose, it is worth traveling a dozen or several dozen kilometers to reach Olsztyn and Gierłoż, which is located nearby. It is a city that combines learning an interesting history with fun in a very attractive way. modernity is mixed here with events that took place several centuries ago, and the symbols of some of these events are the monuments that we can admire in the city ... If we talk about how todays technology and general possibilities can be used to show toddlers, what the world looked like in historical times, when the sight of knights did not surprise anyone and was on the agenda, we absolutely must go to the wonderful place in Gierłoż, which is Mazurolandia.

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