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Car Rental Gdynia

A city that is part of the Tri-City, which is the largest city in Poland, which is not a provincial city. Well-developed tourist base from year to year attracts more and more tourists.
Thanks to such dynamic development of the city and our clients have the opportunity to book a car with collection at the Main Railway Station in Gdynia.
By making a reservation in advance, the customer can choose a car from any class, from the smallest, whose prices start from PLN 72 per night for 9 persons, thanks to which they will be able to visit all the attractions of Gdynia and the whole Tri-City with friends traveling in one car.
Thanks to the availability of our offer in each of the cities included in the Tri-City, we give customers the opportunity to pick up a car in Gdynia, later to leave them at the airport in Gdansk or at the station in Sopot.

Customer Reviews

Office of Gdynia number of reviews 98 customer rating 4.78 / 5

zdjęcie: Toyota Yaris Cross (A) "Obsluga i kontakt z firma na najwyzszym poziomie. Auto bez zarzutu "

Izabela Pakosz

zdjęcie: Toyota RAV4 "Wszystko sprawnie, szybko załatwione. Bezproblemowa komunikacja i obsługa! "


zdjęcie: Toyota Aygo "Ogólnie okej "

Halina Cholewska

zdjęcie: Toyota Aygo "Wszystko było w porządku. Po raz 6 i 7 raz, "


zdjęcie: Toyota Corolla Automat "Troszkę za drogo jak za jeden dzień 580zl "


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