Rental Car

Terms of Use

1. Car Rental Odkryj-Auto rents cars at the time specified by the customer provided that the minimum rental period is 1 day.

2. Tenant car can be a natural or legal person represented by appointed representatives who:
- 21 years of age
- Have a valid driving license
- Have a valid ID card

3. The condition for renting a car is the security deposit at the rate applicable on the date of hire.

4. Hire car can not be driven by a person not mentioned in the agreement, shall be prohibited from towing other vehicles, overloading, participate in any kind of rallies or racing, etc.

5. The tenant is responsible financially for shortages of fuel, vehicle parts and equipment. The resulting loss of his guilt and the fact that the wrong car security documents.

6. In case of damage caused by the customer, driving under the influence of alcohol, it will be billed for the repair costs as well as stopping the car for this reason, the rate of rent for each day.

7. The fee for the rental is paid in advance at the rate applicable on the date of hire.

8. If you return the vehicle before the date of expiry of the contract, the customer does not return the rental difference resulting from the actual rental period.

9. The client rents an efficient vehicle with a certain amount of fuel and is obliged to return it in the same state. If the car is not tanked, the customer bears the fee for the missing fuel at the rate of 1,5 EUR / 1 liter.

10. Extension of rental cars without prior consultation with the Rental will alert the police about the fact of theft of the vehicle and all the consequences and costs resulting from the initiation of the search of the vehicle shall be borne by the tenant.

11. Extension of rental cars without prior consultation with the Rental Odkryj-Auto for more than one hour beyond the time specified in the contract will cause charge a penalty of double the amount of payment for each day beyond the period specified in the lease agreement.

12. In the event of a car crash during the rental period the client is obliged to notify immediately Rentals. If the fault may pose a threat to safety, it is prohibited to continue further drive until you delete it.

13. If the vehicle damage occurred as a result of a road accident, the tenant is obliged to call the police to the scene and obtain written statements from participants in the case, the protocol appropriate insurance and secure the car.

14. Damage to tires, as well as the interior of the vehicle (car equipment damage or injury caused by cigarette butts, etc..) Are not covered by any insurance and are removed at the expense of the tenant.

15. For failure of any point in these Regulations deposit shall be forfeited and may be charged a penalty of between 10 to 30 times the daily rental rate.

16. Renter agrees to the storage and processing of your personal data and registered by the Lessor for the purposes of execution of the agreement (Journal of Laws No. 133, item. 883, 29.08.1997., As amended). In case of failure to comply with the terms of the contract or submission of false data, the landlord has the right to forward data Renter and additional drivers (personal data of registered and photographs) the authorities responsible for the enforcement of law and unfair to the list of customers and business partners.

17. Lessee authorizes Lessor to issue VAT invoices without the signature of the matters governed by the agreement.

18. Any disputes arising as a result of the lease agreement will be settled by the District Court.
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